Jacob from Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin

As a previous AT&T customer who has since switched to Verizon, I was flabbergasted at just how much of a difference switching carriers made to my cell service.

Before on AT&T, I struggled to get more than 2 bars anywhere in the vicinity of my home.

Now, I can get 3 bars in the basement of my house without a problem.

Better quality service with Verizon-have never dropped a call so far. With AT&T, if I leave the vicinity of our township, I will lose signal about halfway through to the next township-resulting in dropped calls.

There is NO source of AT&T High-speed internet in my area. It’s all controlled by Frontier and Charter. I honestly wouldn’t mind having AT&T as a high-speed internet vendor, but they are sadly not within my area.

Jacob, Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin 54538

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