AT&T: Abandoning Michigan Communities

AT&T: Abandoning Michigan Communities
Too many AT&T customers in Michigan don’t have reliable phone or internet service.

In Michigan and communities across the Midwest, many customers’ only source for landline phone and internet is in disrepair. AT&T has only expanded reliable, high-speed internet to a fraction of its customers, leaving many communities, especially rural communities, behind.

AT&T is gutting its workforce in Michigan, killing good, family-supporting jobs. Without enough well-trained workers, AT&T can’t adequately repair and upgrade its network. The result has been poor service and potentially dangerous conditions for both workers and customers.

Michigan deserves better. AT&T promised to use its huge tax cut to invest in our communities. AT&T must upgrade its network to ensure quality phone and internet service for all its customers, invest in fiber and next generation wireless, and stop cutting good jobs.

Can you share your story about internet and phone service issues? The Communications Workers of America, the union that represents workers at AT&T, will share your story with elected leaders to urge them to make AT&T take responsibility for its deteriorating network.

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