AT&T’s Broken Promises Tour

AT&T Broken Promises Tour

AT&T Broken Promises Tour

AT&T Broken Promises Tour

Detroit Toledo Columbus Indianapolis Bloomington Kansas City Dallas

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AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made a promise to invest in his workforce and create at least 7,000 jobs if the tax bill passed. Instead of creating those jobs, AT&T has cut at least 7,000 jobs and keeps sending work to low-wage and overseas contractors, devastating families and communities across America. AT&T workers are fighting back for fair union contracts that guarantees good jobs, affordable healthcare, and a secure retirement. Learn more at

AT&T workers Laheelah, Jeremy, and Kelly are taking the fight on the road, heading to AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas to demand AT&T address its broken promises to working people. Along the way, they are stopping at closed AT&T call centers and other company sites where workers are struggling to save jobs.


Tell AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson:
“I support good jobs and a fair union contract for working people at AT&T.”

Your signatures will be delivered to AT&T headquarters at the end of the tour.


Check back each day for updates on our journey and video highlights from the trip!


August 6, 2018

Laheelah, Jeremy and Kelly are kicking off the tour in Detroit, where AT&T closed a call center which cost 114 workers their jobs just days after the GOP tax bill passed.

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August 7, 2018

After Detroit, we’re headed to Toledo to learn more about the issues that CWA Members that are facing there and to bring our concerns to elected officials.


August 7, 2018

Tuesday afternoon we’ll be in Columbus. AT&T has closed 44 call centers and slashed more than 16,000 call center jobs (all since 2011). AT&T outsources to at least 38 call centers in 8 countries (Philippines, India, Mexico, El Salvador, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Canada, Dominican Republic).

NOW: Ohio State Representative Bridget Kelly and President of the Ohio State AFL-CIO Tim Burga speak at a closed AT&T call center in Columbus, OH to demand good jobs and fair union contracts at AT&T! Since 2011, AT&T has closed 44 call centers and slashed more than 16,000 call center jobs.Follow the Broken Promises Tour:

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August 8, 2018

In Indianapolis we’re not only going to learn what’s been going on with AT&T jobs, we’re going to hear from Chuck Jones, former president of the United Steelworkers local there, to find out how policies that encourage companies to outsource and offshore jobs have been affecting working families across Indiana.

LIVE: CWAers rally in front of an AT&T call center in Indianapolis, IN where AT&T has been shrinking jobs. Since 2011, AT&T has closed 44 call centers and slashed more than 16,000 call center jobs.Follow the Broken Promises Tour:

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August 8, 2018

There are lots of ways to fight back against companies that offshore jobs. Joining together in a union is one way. Another is by working with elected officials to pass legislation. In Bloomington we’ll be talking about building support for legislation that has been introduced in Congress and in the Indiana State Legislature that ensures that our government stops rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas with loans and grants.

Kansas City

August 9, 2018
Kansas City

We’re excited to stop in Kansas City and hope we have time for Kelly to show us some of the highlights of her hometown! We’re also looking forward to meeting with CWA members at AT&T’s Kansas City call center, where the workforce has faced huge layoffs over the past few years and families are faced with a tough choice – stay with AT&T and relocate hundreds of miles away from their support networks of friends and family or try to find work in an economy that increasingly offers only low-paid, unreliable “gig” jobs.


August 10, 2018

The Big D! After driving over 1,400 miles and hearing from working people across the Midwest, Laheelah, Kelly & Jeremy made it to AT&T Headquarters to deliver a message to CEO Randall Stephenson from over 100,000 AT&T workers and supporters – it’s time to deliver on your promises and negotiate a fair union contract with working people at AT&T that keeps good jobs in our communities.

The Broken Promises Tour has made it to AT&T HQ in Dallas, TX to deliver over 100,000 petition signatures from customers, workers, and concerned community members demanding good jobs and fair contracts at AT&T!Learn more:

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For information about media opportunities at each location, contact Anjali Cadambi,, 503-984-4020


Laheelah, AT&T Worker from Cleveland, OH


Why are you joining the Broken Promises Tour?

In 2011, AT&T shuttered the call center I worked at for 11 years, despite our area manager’s assurance that there was plenty of work to keep the center open.

I was lucky to find another job at AT&T here in Cleveland, but many of my co-workers uprooted lives and even divided their families to ‘follow the work’ to the Detroit center. And guess what? Now those families are being faced with more hard choices because AT&T has closed that center too.

I’m joining the Broken Promises Tour to hold AT&T accountable. I’ve been at AT&T for almost 19 years and I don’t want to continue to lose colleagues to layoffs or outsourcing from a multibillion dollar company that owes its success to its workers.”

What stop are you looking forward to?

Bloomington, Indiana is the city I’m looking forward to visiting the most because I know our tour is going to connect the dots on issues AT&T workers face across the Midwest. AT&T made big jobs promises ahead of the tax bill. I’m excited to join with my Indiana co-workers and raise our voices about the need for it to follow through.

How are you getting ready?

I’m so excited to go on this trip and stand up for what’s right. I’ve been telling my co-workers about it and finding out more about the issues they want to make sure that I raise. My CWA Local 4340 will be cheering me on as I travel around the country to hold AT&T accountable for their broken promises.

Jeremy, AT&T Worker from Saginaw, MI


Why are you going on the Broken Promises Tour?

I was born and raised in Michigan, and I’m not exaggerating when I say my family is an AT&T family. I met my wife, Sue, at AT&T and we got married in 2014. She’s been with the company since 2005, and I was hired in 2004 and work at the Small Business Inside Sales and Service call center in Saginaw. My cousin Matt and his wife Lisa work on the same floor as me. I have two brothers-in-law, a sister-in-law and an uncle who are also either currently employed or have previously worked for AT&T. In fact, my brother-in-law Patrick was “surplused” when the residential call center in Saginaw closed in 2017.

I look at the direction the company is going, and I have my doubts it’ll offer good, family supporting jobs for future generations. I’ve decided to join CWA on the Broken Promises Tour because I care about the future of my family and my fellow co-workers.

What stop are you most excited about?

I’m looking forward to visiting all the cities along the way, but I’m especially looking forward to our final stop in Dallas at AT&T headquarters. All along the trip, we’re collecting stories from communities facing outsourcing, offshoring, layoffs and job loss. We’re going to bring them straight to AT&T’s front door.

What are you packing for the road?

Plenty of CWA and Michigan State University gear. Go Green! And of course my cell phone and tablet to keep in touch with my friends, family and coworkers while we are on the road.

My family and union brothers and sisters at CWA Local 4108 will be cheering me on from the sidelines as I travel around the country to make sure AT&T follows through on its jobs promises.

Kelly, Former AT&T Worker from Kansas City, MO


Why are you joining the Broken Promises Tour?

I was laid off by AT&T in May 2017 after spending 15 years with the company in Kansas City, MO. Over the course of five years, my call center dropped from 90 to 33 employees. Then in 2017, they gave us two options: Move to San Antonio or take a layoff package. It was completely unrealistic for me to move to San Antonio, so I went with the layoff package.

I assumed this would be the job that would allow me to one day retire. Instead, I’m in my early 40s and having to start all over again.

AT&T seems more invested in keeping its investors happy than it does the people who spend their entire career helping make the company successful. It’s hard for me to understand how a company that received billions in tax breaks can’t afford to invest in workers. I’m joining CWA on the Broken Promises Tour to send a clear message about the importance of job security to AT&T – a company that should prioritize and invest in its employees.

What stop are you looking forward to?

I’m most excited for my home city, Kansas City, MO. I am excited to see the support of the community and use that as motivation to keep pushing forward in my career outside of AT&T. I love Kansas City and know when we come together, we can send a strong message.

What car games are you looking forward to?

I will certainly be playing “I SPY” every time I see a building with an AT&T logo. Although, there may not be too many call centers left on our journey. My former CWA Local 6450 will be cheering me on as I travel around the country and hold AT&T accountable for their broken promises.